How to Bypass password on windows [Proof]

Are you searching for “how to bypass password on windows 10”? Then you are in the right place. Here you will know everything about “how to bypass passwords on windows 10″. If you are using windows 7 then you may be wondering how to bypass the password on windows 7.  But the method of both the windows is almost the same. So this is my first post on this website. Here I will try to explain in detail how to bypass the password on windows 7. And how to bypass passwords on windows 10. So if you are excited to know about then follow the steps mentioned in this article carefully. You will notice that you have hacked your windows password. There is some other way to reset your password without knowing the old password. Like – windows 10 password reset USB. And Windows 10 password change without knowing the old password.

There might be a question in your mind How this works? Here is your answer. The moment when you open your computer whatever OS you are using. You go through a lock screen with limited buttons. Every button you click on calls a program from your computer’s “System32″ Folder. The concept is that I am going to exchange the file name of the program with “cmd.exe”.  cmd is the file to open Command Prompt with full permission. That’s the Technique we are going to use in this post, so let’s start…

how to bypass passwords on windows machines)—

Step 1:– Boot media (to bypass password on windows):

The first thing you need is Boot Media. Boot media is the file that we use to boot the computer [like- windows 7,10,11 ]. You can use DVD or Pendrive as boot media.

You can download the ISO file of any Operating System. And make your DVD or Pendrive Bootable. I am considering you have a boot media ( Pendrive or DVD).

  • Insert your Pendrive or DVD on your computer.
  • And open the boot menu. Press (F12, Ese, Delete, etc…) it varies for different computers. Simply search for the boot menu key for your computer model.
  • Select Boot Options ( DVD, Pendrive, etc) and hit enter…

Step 2:– For how to bypass password on a windows machine ( Navigate to Command Prompt):

  • Select your desired language. My suggestion is to leave it as it is and hit the “Next” button.
  • From this window, you need to click Repair your computer. This will send you to a new window where you can repair your computer with many tools.  But we will use the “command prompt” to solve this problem.
  • Here you will find an option called “Troubleshoot”. You need to click on it.  So that you will send it to the new similar window.
  • Here you will find an option called “Advanced options” you need to click on it.
  • Finally, you have come to this window from here you have to click on Command Prompt. This will launch the Command Prompt window on your screen.

Step 3:– Change the system32 files to open cmd:

  1. The first command we write in this black window is “diskpart”. This command is used to manage disk drives and volumes.
  2. Inside the DISKPART  the command we write is “list volume”. This will list all volumes (Partition) on the computer. You have to identify your windows installation drive. In my case  D  drive is my windows installation drive you can find your drive.
  3. Exit from DISKPART by typing the command “exit” after finding out your installation drive.
  4. Navigate to your installation drive (in my case D: drive) typing your drive letter followed by a colon(“d:”).
  5. Navigate to the “system32” folder by typing the command  “cd windows/system32″. 
  6. Now you are in the “system32” folder where you have to change two file names.  First, you need to make the backup of the “utilman.exe” file by a command called “move utilman.exe utilman.exe.txt”. This command will change the file to a “text” file later we will make it an “exe” file.
  7. The second file is the “cmd.exe” file. This is the “command prompt” file. So we have to copy and change the name of this file to “utilman.exe”. Here we use the command “copy cmd.exe utilman.exe”. This command will copy and change the file name that we want. So our work is almost over.
  8. Now we will restart the computer by typing “wpeutil reboot” 

Now you are on your lock screen as usual. But the point is that when you will click on the “Ease of Access” button “Command Prompt” window will appear with full permission. Because of that, you have the full power to do anything on your computer. So this is the time for windows 10 password reset/change. So click on the “Ease of Access” Button this will open Command Prompt with administration permission in which we can do anything.

Step 4:– Follow these commands to set a new user for your windows machine:

  1. The first command is “net user” which will list all the users available on your computer. You can change the password of any user.
  2. Identify your user name.
  3. Now type the next command (net user “username” *) and hit enter (remember do not avoid dual quotes). This command will ask for the user password two times.  You can enter a password or leave it blank and hit enter so the password will be removed.

Bam till now we have successfully done windows 10 password reset/change. Now we have one work left to bypass the password on the windows machine

Again reboot your system with your installation media and go through Command Prompt.  And finally, restore the original “Utilman” file.

  • Navigate to the “system32” folder and type the command “move utillan.exe.txt utilman.exe”. And now hit enter it will ask for overwriting. Here type “all” and hit enter. Now you can reboot your system by writing the command “wpeutil reboot”.

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